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Dream Job?

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Hi, i'm Brenda.
I help people find their dream job!

I believe when work works, life works. So, I collaborate with professionals who watch others loving their dream job and think, YES, I’m ready, “I’ll have what she’s having!” 

We work together to craft their own transition plan that works for them on their terms AND differentiates them from those simply tossing their hat in the application ring. That way, they land their dream job fast, so they can back to living their dream life. 

We define their natural work fit through a creative process which provides clarity and vision on steps to move in the direction of their dream job – a job that feels like LIFE – fresh and alive like an ocean breeze, rather than one that sucks the life out of you (you probably already know what that’s like ;).

I imagine it as looking for a work role that’s as comfortable as wearing your favorite pair of jeans. And, at the same time, as exciting as riding your bike with your friends used to be.

When you love your job, I believe you make the world a better place. You feel lusciously spent at the end of the day knowing you’re living your dream and having an impact.

Too often today people wish they were someone else and waste the one of a kind unique wonder they actually are – I make sure the magic of professionals is retained and magnified by helping them achieve their career dream.

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