Is your job search dragging on to the point where you’ve given up on your job goals? Are you wondering if anyone will hire you given this economy? Have you actually stopped looking?

Years back, I remember having those very same thoughts…for about 2 seconds. Giving up didn’t seem to be in my DNA. Why? I knew, deep down, I had a lot of experience to share and that I deserved a good job.

Did I get frustrated? Absolutely. But I just kept going, pressing forward with my search.

Guess who else kept going, pressing forward with his goals? Jack Canfield, co author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I knew of his success. This day, I learned what it took to achieve it.

Jack, along with Mark victor Hansen, sold more than one hundred twenty-five millions books in their Chicken Soup for the Soul series. The series included 225 individual titles. Impressive, to say the least!

You know what impressed me more? The first Chicken Soup for the Soul book was rejected by more than one hundred forty (140) publishers!  And, they just kept going.

Add to that, they quickly learned that publishers are printers of books, not sellers of books. That was their job! They believed in the book and sold it where ever they could, learning all they could about the book industry and marketing of books.

What did Jack ultimately learn that can benefit weary job seekers?

Some will
Some won’t
So what?
Someone’s waiting who will.”

Like Jack and Mark, job seekers need to market themselves! To do that, they need first need to believe in themselves. If you’re not sold on you, you can’t possibly sell yourself. When faced with rejection, just keep going!

Learn what you need to learn. Do what you need to do, what ever that is for you.

It you’ve lost steam with your search, I encourage you to find a mentor. Someone who can teach you what you need to learn to succeed in this job market. Your success is out there, too!

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