Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.

Robert Kiyosaki

Working on your career goals can easily fade in to the background and become like wallpaper – something that’s always there but not in the foreground. Time marches on and the next thing you know, you’re still in the same spot!

Is it time for a Career Coach?

When I evaluate clients to work with, my first question is, “How coachable are you?” Why? Because not everyone is coachable. Many are not even sure what it means! That’s why I’ve written a series of articles to shed some light on career coaching.

People are at where they’re at…and that is ok. We both simply need to know if coaching is the right solution to help you move forward with your career goals. Below are two quizzes to help you evaluate whether career coaching is an option.

Career Coach Quiz from the Career Coach institute by Marcia Bench:

Consider the following statements. Score each on the scale of 1-4 as follows: 1= not at all true, 2=somewhat true, 3= true, 4=very true. Review the results so you can evaluate whether coaching is the right option for you at this time and can, therefore, gain maximum benefit.

  1. I am prepared to be on time for all coaching appointments, as scheduled, and to give at least 24-hours’ notice if I cannot.
  2. I am willing to take an active role in the coaching process and to follow through on action steps as agreed with Brenda.
  3. I am at a point in my life when I will try out new ideas and ways of doing things, as agreed with Brenda.
  4. I am willing to allow my coach to facilitate my process of discovery, and to freely share the insights I experience.
  5. I am ready to willingly enter into a partnership with Brenda to create a life that is even better than I have imagined alone.
  6. I am willing to be open, honest and authentic with Brenda.
  7. I am willing to recognize my own “stuff” (limiting issues and beliefs) and to take responsibility for changing them when it is in my best interest.
  8. If at any time I feel the coaching relationship is not working for me, I will share this with Brenda and work toward a mutually acceptable solution.
  9. I have sufficient funds to invest in the coaching, and see coaching as an investment in my personal and/or professional future.
  10. I do not have any depression, anxiety or other mental illness or other issue that would interfere with my ability to be coached.

__________________ Add total score of all numbers circled

Scoring key:
10-16 – Coaching may not benefit you now;
17-25 – You may be coachable, but will need to adhere to all agreements carefully;
26-32 – You are coachable;
33-40 You are very coachable and should be a delightful client!

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