It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Have you ever faced a daunting task? Have you ever just wanted to know what to do? Wondered how to get started?

Often, that is how job seekers feel, especially after experiencing a lay off.

Then, there are recent college grads looking for their first job. Remember that?

Or, how about wrestling with what you should do when you grow up and you are, well, already a grown up!

What most people don’t realize is that there are methods, processes and activities you can go through to lead you on your journey. You don’t have to feel as though you are about to swallow an elephant on the way to reaching your goals!

Or that you are alone, stuck trying to figure out the process by yourself. Because, let’s face it. Some things seem larger than life and completely unmanageable.

Career Coach as Facilitator

When wearing the facilitator hat, I guide and lead you to your goals. How? By using a series of proven tools, methods and activities that drive results. These are things I have learned by both experience and training.

Unlike the consulting hat (described in “The Hats of a Career Coach”), where I provide the “how to’s,” facilitating is about “what’s next.”

Take, for example, Steps to Your Natural Fit. During this process, I guide you on a path of discovery. One that leads to the type of work that is life giving for you. Work that allows you to use your talents and abilities, in areas of interest to you, doing work you feel you are meant to do and meets your financial needs.

Another example of a process is one used to improve performance on the job. The Mastermind Executive Process is a step by step journey specifically developed for executives and those in leadership positions. I take clients through a series of activities and let them learn about themselves along the way. When leaders learn, organizations learn too.

As facilitator, my role is to provide the tools, methods, and activities. Clients, in turn, use each to learn and discover things within. Neither knows how it will unfold, just that it will, for those willing to do the work.

When the client is ready for the next step in the process, they will typically ask, “what’s next?” Then, the process continues for clients on their way to achieving their job goals.

What’s next for you? Feel free to leave a comment and share.

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