Is Your Career Moving in the Right Direction?

  • Are you staying at a job you no longer enjoy?
  • Are you just starting a new job and wanting to make sure you succeed?
  • Do you wish you could finally get that promotion?
  • Do you regret your career choices? Not in your “dream job”?
  • Is your job on the line and you’re worried about getting downsized? Already have been?
  • Have you become frustrated with your search?
  • Not getting interviews, interviews not leading to offers?
  • Are you looking for sanity and approaching burnout?
  • Are you a leader, executive,  or small business owner looking to sharpen your game?

If you’re like most professionals, you’re very good at what you do! You’ve worked long and hard at your career. You just didn’t expect to be where you are at this stage.Life happens, things change….the next thing you know, you aren’t where you want to be. Maybe you’re even wondering if there’s anything you can do. You’re not alone if you thought you could put your career on autopilot, thinking you’d eventually arrive!

Before we go any further, lets agree that there’s nothing wrong with you! I’ll bet you probably believed finding the right career for you would be easy or that career paths magically revealed themselves. Maybe you thought your career would unfold right on schedule, with no hurdle or hoop jumping. Or maybe you thought you would be working for one company for life… being taken care of until you were ready to retire!

Sounding familiar?

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Love your work
  • Get the right job for you
  • Energize your search
  • Interview with confidence
  • Get offers with rewarding salaries
  • Continue to get new opportunities
  • Thrive in your career
  • Have sanity and balance in your life
  • Be an effective, respected leader and mentor

Great News……there is a way!

I want to reassure you, it is possible to get your career back on track. It’s not too late. There is a way to step up! You can have a job you enjoy. A career that satisfies and meets your financial needs. How you approach your career is the key.

All you need are the right steps. My Steps for life are an easy to understand, practical approach to help you focus on getting the right job for you and managing your career for the long haul.

  • Having more confidence about your skills and abilities
  • Making better and smarter decisions
  • Recognizing more opportunities that will move you closer to your dreams

What are the steps for life?

  • Strategy
  • Tools
  • Embrace
  • Partner
  • Score

Most people like to step forward. But what would it be like to step up?



What is strategy? A plan, method or series of maneuvers or “stratagems” for obtaining a specific goal or result. Where do you start? At the beginning!

It all starts with a simple question – what is most important to you in your career?
Do you need a job search plan? Resume overhaul? Interview preparation? Do you want to develop your brand? Improve your leadership skills? What is most important to you? Once that comes into view, take your first step – prepare a strategy.


Tools are needed to execute the strategy. Tools may include education and training, to fill in any needed information gaps. Other tools transform thinking. A strategy is one thing, but if you don’t have faith to believe in yourself, you’ll stop stepping. Affirmations, visualization, meditation, and journaling are a few tools used to form proper mind set and success thinking. Then there are practical tools, like planners, calendars, to-do lists etc. that track progress. Tools facilitate change.


What needs to be embraced? Change. When you step, you change places. Things are different. Loss is involved. And with loss comes grief. That can be scary for some, exciting for others. Either way, change can be stressful. Even positive change! Having change on the radar helps to manage the various stages that go along with grief. And when it hits, you can say – oh, just feeling a bit of change…it will pass!


Where do you turn when you feel that bit of change? Partners! Partners can be coaches, friends, accountability groups or support groups. These are the people who care enough about you and your goals, and are willing to keep you on track with accountability. They are there to listen, provide feedback, offer suggestions or resources, and to celebrate your victories. Bottom line – they help to reinforce your commitment to stepping forward towards your goals.


Once your mind is engaged and momentum is building, executing the strategy becomes exciting and rewarding. Why? Because you see results. You’ve scored! You’re no longer where you were. You’ve moved. Taking steps leads to confidence. Confidence leads to enthusiasm. And enthusiasm leads to elevated expectations and more scoring! Meaning, you will naturally want more for yourself and have the energy to follow through. Not only with your original goals, but with new ones, too. Scoring small victories adds up to big success!


A solid future is out there. I teach steps to arrive!  Become the kind of professional that makes the world a better place – people hire and do business with people like that!

The “Steps for Life” Coaching Package provides a roadmap to master skills needed to thrive in the changing world. When you have that confidence, it shows on the outside for others to see. It shows up in your steps…you have a spring!

It includes 10 one-on-one tele-coaching sessions, as well as the best-selling book: StrengthsFinder 2.0…along with online access to the powerful StrengthsFinder 2.0 Natural Talents Profile. ($20 value). This package is perfect for the busy career professional and entrepreneurs.

You will receive 10 Hours of Personal Coaching with Brenda ($3,000).

Two additional 90 minute sessions – a kick off session to review assessments, questionnaires, and set the strategy and a closing session to review your progress, set a new course post coaching, and prepare you for your new journey. ($700)

The Steps for Life Coaching Package may consist of the following coaching tracks:

Steps to Your Natural Fit– perfect for those seeking a job change.

Mastermind Executive Process™ – perfect for business owners, leaders and executives.

Or we can design a specific coaching process to meet your current challenges.

Unlimited FREE email support for the duration of the 6 months of coaching. ($1,500 value)

Also included is the best-selling book: StrengthsFinder 2.0, along with online access to the powerful StrengthsFinder 2.0 Natural Talents Profile. ($20 value)

Each track comes with additional assessments to be evaluated during our set up call. The value of these assessments varies from $50 – $125.

My coaching is guaranteed. If, after the first 90 minute session, you feel the information and coaching process doesn’t meet your needs, let me know and I’ll refund your fee in full!

Too often today people wish they were someone else and waste the one of a kind unique wonder they actually are – Brenda Griffin makes sure the magic of professionals is retained and magnified.

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