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how to land your dream job
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any economy.

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Here’s what you’ll discover:


The 5 simple steps you need to score your dream job.


The ONE thing you need to stand out amongst the competition during the interview stage.


How to win interviews with your dream employer like Meryl Streep wins Oscars.

I see hundreds of professionals like you each year thinking they have to stay stuck in their current job and give up on their career dreams...

And, if they followed my simple steps, BEFORE giving up and settling, they would be able to sell themselves naturally to employers and move into their dream jobs, (and with a lot less stress.)

About Brenda

Brenda Griffin is a certified Career and Executive coach who helps professionals score their dream job through her signature method, STEPS, a framework that condenses the complex process of scoring your dream job into a simple and flexible 5-step process.

Before starting her coaching business, she led a stellar career as an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, where she helped global leaders like Volvo, GM, GE, and Lockheed Martin deal with hazardous waste. Her track record of outstanding performance and promotion has equipped her with the skill to help professionals understand and present their value to potential employers. 

Brenda has taught hundreds of classes to fortune-500 clients using her lifelong natural gift as an engaging teacher. Throughout her own career, she has secured over 23 job offers and experienced lay-offs, as well as downsizing. For this reason, she teaches clients how to develop resilience and guides them in creating a road map toward their dreams. 

She routinely delivers presentations at local schools and colleges on career days, and is the creator of Get A Job Tools, an online program with over 1200 participants from 30 countries.

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