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Virtual Coaching program

A 3-month group coaching program for professionals wanting to land their dream job with ease, speed, and confidence.

Too many people are miserable at work and think they need to stay in crappy jobs.

If you’re sitting at your desk all day wishing you worked someplace else, maybe it’s time to ask yourself a tough question – where are you going to be a year from now or five years from now or ten for that matter? 

Sure, you could stay and do nothing. (Even though the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.) But, that would just mean that you are staying on the crazy train.  

Staying put in a job that pays the bills but doesn’t light you up inside is no way to live. Want to know what’s even worse about this situation?  

Everybody loses…  

I always say – when work works, life works. Right now, work isn’t working for YOU. (Or else you wouldn’t be reading this page.)  

Each day you stay stuck in your current job is a one more day you are losing out on your life-giving dream job, not to mention having a fatter wallet from the salary increase you will likely receive.  

Your CURRENT EMPLOYER and COLLEAGUES sense something is off with you. Your heart just isn’t in it and you stick to yourself these days.  

The NEW EMPLOYER out there waiting for you to solve their problems is going without all your talents and abilities that are currently being wasted.  

And, let’s not forget your FAMILY and FRIENDS. Let’s face, you’re probably a grump, bringing your frustrations everywhere after work. They miss seeing the best version of you. 

Do you really want to be in the same place a year from now? 5 years? 10?

Starting a job search is a turning point for your career. It's the right thing for you right now if you are:


The rumor mill is swirling about layoffs, closed door meetings take place daily, no one is looking you in they eye, and you are no longer on key projects. You’re no longer in the club. You’re ready to seize this opportunity to explore your options to create the career path you crave and income stability you need.

burned out

Your family has stopped complaining about your long hours even as you missed yet another school function. You keep pushing through the long weeks, relying on coffee to keep you fueled, yet your body feels like it might break at any moment. You wonder if the daily grind is worth it and want a job with more meaning, and most of all, to reconnect with your lost family. You’ve considered looking for a new job from time to time but don’t always follow through.


Monday dread is now daily dread. You force yourself out of bed after dreaming of the job you really want. “Promises, promises,” is a song on the radio and not something you want to continue to hear from your boss. You’re feeling underutilized and unappreciated knowing you have more to give and deserve to make more money. Maybe you have no defined career path or realize you are in a dead-end job. The box you’re in feels small and restrictive. You want to break free.


You push through tasks that irritate like fingernails on a chalkboard. You would rather clean up dog doo than do what you do. Yes, you do a good job anyway and know for sure you’re not working “in your strength zone” of talents and abilities. You need a job where the tasks and activities are a natural fit, so you feel energized at the end of the day, not drained and depleted.  


You’ve applied for dozens of jobs and have still not heard back for what feels like an eternity. Then, months after you forgot you even applied, you receive the dreaded “thanks for applying but were moving forward with someone else” email. Or, you finally get the opportunity to interview and you are ready to tell your boss to take this job and shove it, but you left the interview shaking like a leaf because you knew you didn’t “wow” them with how much of a great fit you would be. At this point you are wondering if anyone will want to hire you or that your dream job even exists. You’re feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place.  

Any overwhelm or worry you have is about to change because I’m about to reveal WHAT you need in order to land your dream job.

My name is Brenda Griffin. I believe when work works, life works.

I’ve been flat as a pancake in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering where my next paycheck would come when I’ve lost jobs due to lack of work and a chapter eleven bankruptcy after a hostile take-over. I zombied through one Holiday season, struggling to keep up my natural cheer, as shell-shocked as my entire department was let go two weeks before Christmas!  

I know the pain and grief of rejection, invisibility, and the fear that comes from loss of income, not to mention the hit to your confidence and loss of connection with nowhere to belong.  

I also have been flat as a pancake not able to move a single muscle from working 70+ hour weeks, doing work I found exhausting, and not at all a natural fit. I know the guilt and regret that comes from time away from your own life.  

I bounced back by putting my time and effort to strategic use by rolling up my sleeves and reading every book I could find on sales and each aspect of the job search process.My thirst for learning paid off!

I received DREAM JOB offers to make more money than I EVER was before. Now, I work in my zone of genius on a regular basis doing work that is meaningful to me. And, I live with healthy work-life balance. Yay!

Over time, I found myself becoming the “go to” person for friends and colleagues because of my career transition wins. I was happy to help others replicate my success and land their dream job.  

Then one day I was asked by the team of a self help membership site if I would like to create a course for the community. I wanted to give back, so I said yes! And since I could choose any topic I wanted, it was a no-brainer to teach others my job search strategies and help others land their dream job. Get A Job Tools was launched 9 months later with over 1200 people from 34 countries completing the program the First Year! That’s when I made my career coach status official by also investing in executive and career coaching certifications. 

I know what it takes to land that next job, no matter the reason you want a new job. I’ve helped people just like you to see and understand their value and take the next steps to present that value to potential employers. My coaching and program will build your confidence so you can easily adapt to this ever-changing world. You’ll face life with a spring in your step, knowing you are equipped with skills that will serve you for your entire career. And if you’re ready to go beyond just dreaming of a new job, with my help you’ll get that job of your dreams.  

It all starts with a simple step-by-step plan and support to hold you accountable to your career dream.

Even better? Everybody wins.

(You, your family, friends, and your new company.)

Imagine what it would be like to:

Love your work – walk with a spring in your step.

Get the right job for you – one that feels as natural as your favorite pair of jeans.

Energize your search – knowing you are going places, no longer stuck, and in the driver’s seat of your search.

Interview with confidence – handle any curve balls with poise and enthusiasm.

Get offers with rewarding salaries – that have you grinning ear to ear.

Continue to get new opportunities – because you broke out of your rut and now have a contagious, winning attitude.

Thrive in your career – because you reached for your career dreams and landed your dream job.

Have sanity and balance in your life – you feel lusciously spent at the end of the day and are still up for more at home.

Be an effective, respected leader and mentor – with the joy of helping others to be successful.

This is what can happen when you’re ready (finally) to find the right job at this stage in your career. You’ve stopped and started before. You still want what other people are having – their dream job. None of that matters because you can start today! This is the year you are ready to see what’s out there and move on to reaching your career dreams.

Susan Blum

Brenda is an exceptional Executive Coach. She provides expertise not only from an academic place but more importantly, from her own personal experience.  I first hired Brenda to assist me in crafting my resume. I had such a great experience, that I decided to extend her services to support me both emotionally and strategically through a corporate reorganization and subsequent job search. Brenda’s ability to frame and reorient my situation has been extremely helpful and provided me the energy and will to move forward during this trying time.  Brenda is accessible, professional and insightful. I would and have recommended Brenda without hesitation. She is a gift to her profession. 


I invite you to: Get A Job Tools

a 12-week virtual job search coaching program to guide you to your dream job. 

Join now and receive all this

The Virtual coaching program is offered in 11 learning modules. Each module consists of a video, audio, reading, skill-building exercises, downloadable tools, and BONUS tips and strategies & daily checklist. Modules are released every four days. You can apply the content immediately to each step of your job search process. 

You’ll be experiencing engaging online learning as you move through each phase of your job search.

Get A Job Tools teaches the 3 savvy steps to land your dream job fast!

Know yourself

How to pull out the gems of your past that show you are an accomplished producer to employers. And, let them know you will achieve for them.

Identify your dream job so that work will work for you.

Focus on your core talents and abilities so your dream job is as comfortable as your favorite jeans.

Market yourself

Craft perfect resumes to pass ATS systems, along with cover letters and emails that create curiosity.

How to pre-sell yourself naturally to employers through all your communications.

Leverage LinkedIn so you are easily found by recruiters. 

Network with ease and grow your connections in meaningful ways.

Master your mindset 

How to play the waiting game and stay cool as a cucumber. 

Develop strategies to effectively deal with setbacks so you keep moving forward toward your career dreams.

Understand how sales and selling yourself is the name of the winning game and do it with confidence and ease knowing you have a lot to offer.

Josh Green

Thank you so much for following up, I appreciate the support. I’ve hesitated to respond because I was supposed to get “an answer” today and I wasn’t sure as to when the hiring manager would call. Up until 30 minutes ago, I had any clue what was going on. When I got back home, there was a message on my cell phone: I was offered the job! Again, I want to thank you so much. I really feel that Get A Job Tool saved my sanity and kept me going. All the ideas, thoughts, and discussions helped me get through this arduous time.

Unlike other programs taking a piece-meal approach to career transitions offering support for individual pieces, like resume reviews or interview coaching, Get A Job Tools walks with you through the entire journey, including setting you up for success in your dream job. 

You’ll experience all of this!

look back to know the exact value you bring to employers

Don’t let your current job situation keep you down. At the end of this, you will be clear about your core strengths, and qualifications, and put the first spring in your step in your job search journey.  

You will discover:

The most important step to jump-start your job search journey – a powerful process most job seekers miss. 

• How to respond to the message, “What have you done for me lately,” – so you can speak with power and poise – anytime, any place.  

The simple trick to quickly and easily apply for jobs – online and off. 

You will receive:

Career Profile Tool: Own your accomplishments, stand in your power, and shine bright so you can sell yourself naturally.  

look forward to identify your dream job

When work works, life works. At the end of this, you will have clarity on what you are looking for in a job at this stage of your career.  

You will discover:  

Ways to move your career in a new direction – in the same field or something new.  

What lights you up without stressing you out – to take the pressure off your journey and get results with ease.  

How to zero in on the right job for you – so you can go faster looking for a job you’ll love.

You will receive:

Career Profile Tool Part 2: Shine a light on the path ahead.

Know Your Knack Inspirational Tool: Flush out your “special something.” 

become an expert at selling yourself without feeling cheesy

At the end of this, you will understand sales, and promote yourself without guilt, hesitation, or feeling “yucky.”  

You will discover:  

• The mindset of successful job seekers –to keep your cool and focus during the process.  

• How to find out what employers really want – to get a leg up on other applicants.  

• The best way to delight potential employers – and get the offer. 

You will receive:  

How to Sell Yourself, Naturally Tool: Be the person employers hire (even on the spot!)

write resumes that get you on the top of the "to be interviewed" pile

At the end of this, you will be able to create resumes with ease and impact.  

You will discover:  

• Why a boring resume is a death sentence – and how to avoid this costly mistake.  

Elements to include and format to use- so your resume gets read by ATS and humans, and not tossed.  

How to bring your resume to life – so employers crave to learn more. 

You will receive:  

AA Tool: “Wow” employers.  

4R Resume Builder: Write each section of your resume with confidence and clarity.  

Resume Format Guide: Because not all formats are equal. 

Word Resume Templates: Swipe and deploy for your own use.  

write cover letters and emails that compel employers to take a hard look at your resume

At the end of this, you will appreciate the role of the cover letter and how to make the best use of it to get the job you want.  

You will discover:  

• The top mistakes job seekers make with cover letters – and how to avoid them.  

How to write cover letters with impact – that lead to your resume getting noticed.  

• Essentials to include – that get you to the top of the “to be interviewed” pile.

You will receive:

Cover Letter Formula: Be sure you’ve included essentials so you can write them quickly, completely, and with impact.

Example Cover Letters: Structure yours with these templates and tailor your own.

get in the driver's seat, make first contact, and start applying for jobs!

It’s one thing to say you want a new job and another to actually start your search! This module breaks down your fears and moves you to action.  

You will discover:  

• The best way to push through the fears – that pop up when applying for jobs.  

How to best show interest in a job – in a way employers value and appreciate.  

The best places to look for your dream job – so you can get started fast. 

You will receive:

Fear Buster Tool: Name and claim, and let go.

First Contact Tool: Prepare for any and all conversations.  

make connections - network your way to new opportunities

Potential job leads are all around, you simply have to tap in and take action. At the end of this, you’ll create your own networking strategy.  

You will discover:  

• Supercharge your job search – by reaching out to others the right way.  

How to network like a boss – and be a mover and a shaker in your own industry (and in a way that works for you.)  

• The silver lining of networking – and why you’ll never want to stop.

You will receive:

Networking Tool Contact Log: To stay on track 

keep up momentum and maintain your sanity as you move through your search

Why sit back and be passive when you can stay in the driver’s seat with peace and calm during the stops and starts of the process?  

You will discover:  

How I navigated the waiting game during the job search process (and so can you!)  

• A common trap to avoid when applying for jobs – and how not to get snared.  

• Strike when the iron is hot without getting burned – so you know where you stand without becoming a nag. 

You will receive:

Momentum Tool – Keep moving forward knowing your efforts will pay off big time.

Job Tracker Tool

bright eyes - interview with ease and impact

Beat the interview jitters with preparation and mindset. After this module, you will feel solid and in your own skin during any conversation, even those called, “interviews!”  

You will discover:  

• The secret to really shining during any interview (even those who believe they are introverts.)  

How I found my voice after choking with nerves and anxiety (and I haven’t choked since!)  

• Why all the steps you have taken so far are key to successfully interviewing – and how this is what sets you apart from other applicants. 

You will receive:  

Interview Preparation Tool

the agony of defeat - bounce back quickly from setbacks

When you’ve done your best, that’s all you can do! Congratulations on giving your best shot on each application, interview, and follow-up. Letting go and letting the employer decide on your candidacy is a stressful place, especially when an offer is not extended. This module shows you how to bounce back and stay in the job search game.  

You will discover:  

• A common mistake applicants make – and how to avoid it so you don’t permanently dampen your job search spirits.  

• Strategies for self-care when you’re not “the one” and why you can’t simply stuff the sense of rejection.  

• How to stay in the driver’s seat and continue to move forward to your dream job especially when you want to crawl into bed with the covers over your head to avoid another rejection. 

You will receive:  

Back in the Saddle Tool – Keep your sanity and spirits up when things don’t go as planned.

the thrill of victory - evaluate offers to make sure they're your dream job

What’s most important to you? Negotiate quickly, with ease, and prepare for change!  

You will discover:  

• How to stay in the driver’s seat while completing a simple yet powerful negotiating process.  

What’s as important to consider beyond the offer on the table – get this wrong and it won’t be long before you’re searching again.  

• Why I walked away from an ideal job with an elevator career path – with no regrets.

You will receive:  

Values Tool: – Spot matches and mismatches  

Ideal Job Tool: Except an offer with eyes wide open

how mike learned to fish for (and landed) his dream job

Before Mike first joined Get a Job Tools, he thought he needed a professional resume writer to craft his resume. That all changed as he worked through the Get A Job Tools modules. He learned very quickly that he was the best person to write his own resume and all the various ways he would ultimately benefit from doing so. 

He got it! Who knew his accomplishments better than he did? (No one.) Who knew what he wanted to do next with all those accomplishments? (He did!) And, he knew, right then, he was the best person to write his resume. He also knew he had every thing he needed in the program to help him to do so. By working the program and writing his own resume, he fueled his confidence in moving forward in his job search, interviewing, negotiating, and landing his dream job.

 “If I let someone else write my resume, I miss out on critical skills needed to empower my future. Let me just say that Get A Job Tools with Brenda Griffin is magnificent! I am at the edge of the pier looking at my own reflection. I have a three-piece suit, striped tie, confidence, great looks and a fishing pole. I am going AFTER the big fish! Instead of giving up my power and saying I can’t and letting someone else write my resume – I mean who knows me better that….me? And Brenda gave me a new perspective on looking for a job and how to view yourself when writing about your accomplishments.” 

Mike did such a great job on his resume that, when a recruiter saw it online, they contacted Mike immediately. He then “pre-sold” himself to this recruiter as being the best candidate for the job, just like he had learned to do in the Get a Job Tools. 

Mike not only landed his dream job on his terms, he built the skills and confidence needed to navigate this changing world that will last him a life time.

Mike Cullen (he's shy)

What others are saying…

in get a job tools, you will have all the strategies, tools, support, and guidance to transform your career each step of the way

Over $1,800 worth of bonuses, below

the adventure continues - set yourself up for success in your new job

New hire failure, new hire superstar – know the difference! After this bonus, you will be able to navigate those all-important first few months being the new kid on the block. 

You will discover:  

Why you need to stay in the driver’s seat of your career – even when starting a new job. 

The one thing you need to plan on – get good at this and it will last you a lifetime. 

How to prepare for you first few days on the job and what mindset and actions to take to lead to lasting success.  

You will receive: 

New hire action plan  

survive the job that's bringing you down while you search for one that lifts you up

You will discover: 

• The fastest way to stay sane in your job.

• 3 daily strategies to keep you motivated where you are. 

• Why having your current job is a blessing in disguise – and so is your layoff if you don’t have one.  

  You will receive: 

Job Survival Guide

Fast ACtion Bonus - linkedin tips and tricks

Put your search on autopilot with LinkedIn working for you around the clock:

• Important elements to have on your profile.

• A picture is worth a thousand words.

• How to let recruiters know your looking without your current employer knowing.

• Easy engagement strategies to reconnect and reach out. 

we've got resources and tools for each step of a job change so you can land your dream job faster

Cut out the stress and time it takes to land your dream job.
Join Get a job tools and save time and energy, with our downloadable tools, exercises, worksheets, and templates, for simple, high speed results.

one time payment of $997

2 monthly payments of $597

our guarantee

We are in the business of helping you find your dream job. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have in your job search, we will refund your tuition 100% within the first 14 days. Seriously. Just send us an email.

get a job tools is right for you if...

Stop stressing over changing jobs

Get a job tools will help you take your job search to the next level by providing you with

all the latest tips, strategies, and tools to land your dream job fast.

one time payment of $997

2 monthly payments of $597

our guarantee

We are in the business of helping you find your dream job. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have in your job search, we will refund your tuition 100% within the first 14 days. Seriously. Just send us an email.

what's possible in your career after your job search is under way?

You discover what you really want in your career which narrows your focus and gets you moving in the right direction quickly.

Opportunities appear as your focus narrows to your ideal job - heck, even synchronicity kicks in as you open your eyes to the possibilities around you.

You'll be freer of your current job worries knowing that the future is out there and the process itself is exciting and life-giving. Once you realize you have options, it's funny how empowering the job search process can be.

Kacey Lance

Hi Brenda! I know I haven’t been on tools for a couple days, but I have been very busy getting ready for my new job! That’s right! I got the job I wanted and I would like to thank you for your help and support. I am going to stay on tools and do some more career stuff, but I might also move on to improving other parts of my life! Thanks again – you guys are great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can go it alone. The Get A Job Tools program can help get you there faster by providing shortcuts and templates for the essentials, as well as support to keep going during your journey with the Q&A Office Hour calls and support group. Why would you want to reinvent the wheel and go it alone? 

Get a Job Tools is designed for people who have a general idea of what they are looking for in their next job and are looking for support in the transition. I would recommend you contact Brenda to be added to the wait list for her training program – Discover Your Natural Fit At Work, where she does a deeper dive to aid people in flushing out their interests, skills, and abilities. Then, Get A Job Tools can help you with the job search process.  

Yes! Many examples and stories in the program focus on my area of interest and job history, the environmental field. That said, the formula and strategies work for any industry. In fact, the majority of past participants are in other industries.

This program combines instant access to specific, step-by-step tools plus implementation support and coaching throughout your ENTIRE job search. We’re focused on giving you the tools you need, of course, but more importantly, we are here to help you implement them and get results fast as well as provide the emotional support needed during the waiting game and the ups and downs that come with applying for jobs. 

We design for that – if you can’t make it, you can submit a question in advance or post your work to get feedback. You’ll get your answers and/or feedback in the recording if you’re not able to attend. All sessions are recorded and posted to the course portal within 24 hours (and it’s usually the same day). 

When you register for Get A Job Tools, you will receive your login via email the morning the curse opens and you’ll begin accessing the training modules as they are released, which is every 4 days. You can move through them at your own pace. 

These 11 modules come with the tools, worksheets, and cheat sheets and QA calls you need to get your job search started including your resume, cover letters, and interview preparation. PLUS, we are going to continue working together for a FULL 3 months to improve your results with your job applications, interviews and offers. We’ll refine every single part of your application package for the jobs you are targeting.

I will personally be available on our calls to review any aspect of your job search and help you get the best results. 

When you join today, I’ll be including the powerful bonuses to help you go even faster such as, “How to Survive a Job that’s Bringing You Down While You Search for a Job that Lifts You Up” and “The Adventure Continues.”  

You will have immediate access to the Getting Started Module and Module One (Look Back to know the Exact Value You Bring to Employers) when Get A Job Tools begins on March 9th. Then, Modules will be released every 4 days. At that time, you’ll also receive access to the Get A Job Tools private group, and we’ll support you with group coaching, QA and the opportunity for feedback. You will receive a detailed calendar after the program begins.  

Yes, you can get help on any aspect of your job search. The community discussion forum and Live QA calls are designed to review elements of your job search, including reviewing your resume, and give you the opportunity to ask for feedback from other members in the forum. If you want more support with your resume, you might benefit with signing up for the Private Coaching Package. Get A Job Tools is not designed to be a done for your program, it’s a done with you program.

do you have big dreams and visions for yourself and your career that your current job is not fullfilling?

I’m here to tell you that there is life after career disappointment and job loss. I’ll be sharing all that I’ve learned about how to get a job. And I want to reassure you that you will get another job and you can achieve your career dreams! You just don’t always know where or when – and that’s why job searching is an adventure.  

Is there a persistent, deep feeling that there is more for you – a longing to do what is next?  

Getting into the driver’s seat of your search will put a spring in your step from day 1 and is the fastest way to expand your career to what is next for you.

Fast forward one year from now – what is different? Starting your job search now will put you on the path to your dream job. Remember, when work works, life works.

Renee Lee

I found Brenda to be professional, easy to talk to, and upbeat. She is thought provoking with her communication skills & her final delivery exceeded expectations! Brenda’s ability to summarize one’s best attributes and bring it to life on paper are one in a million. I truly enjoyed every stage of working with her & found her insight to be invaluable.

let get a job tools help you land your dream job

join today and land your dream job with ease, speed, and confidence so work works for you! no more worry, burn out, frustration, feeling drained, or flabbergasted. Get that job of your dreams!

one time payment of $997

2 monthly payments of $597

our guarantee

We are in the business of helping you find your dream job. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have in your job search, we will refund your tuition 100% within the first 14 days. Seriously. Just send us an email.

Get a Job Tools experience starts once you click the “ENROLL NOW” button above. Once you click the button above, you’ll be taken to our secure checkout. After your registration is complete, you’ll be sent an email receipt.

Then, your login information will be sent to the email you give during registration when the course officially opens on March 9th.

And, if you’re one of the first 50 to register, you’ll be sent an email with your bonuses schedule and they will be added your portal for you.  

Keep reaching for your career dreams!

Brenda Griffin

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