See it big, and keep it Simple.

Wilferd Peterson

~Get the job you need, fast!

~Feel in control and motivated to press into your search.

~Network with ease.

~Presell yourself with online social strategies.

~Be the kind of person many companies want to hire.

~Have the paycheck you deserve!

Life doesn’t have to pass you by! Not when you take daily action to persevere and get the job you really want and need. Steps to Strategic Job Searching is for anyone who is looking for a new job!

Is today your day to begin? Be sure to read about my Steps Coaching Process and Interview with Brenda.

Feel free to contact me for a no charge *Rapid Focus* coaching session. You’ll leave this powerful session with:

~ Crystal clear written goals.

~A “next” step action plan.

~Greater personal awareness!

~Hidden challenges revealed.

~Renewed energy for your life, career, and job search.

~Extreme motivation to get the results you desire!

Steps to Strategic Job Searching

Regularly valued at $1,150, this special package is $700. It includes 5-6 hours of one-on-one tele-coaching sessions. It’s time to get off the side-line and into the game. Perfect for college grads and recently downsized. Don’t wait – get into action to stay competitive.

You will receive 5-6 Hours of Personal Coaching and Consulting with Brenda ($600-$900 value)
You will have access to my online Get a Job Training.
You will receive FREE email support for 1 month ($250 value).

Total Value: $1,150 – $1,450


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Expect good things and they will come.

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