Change your thinking and be set free!

Joyce Meyer

“You’ll never amount to much. You can’t do that. Who are you kidding, you’ll never get promoted! Get real.”

Ouch! Just writing those sentences makes me cringe. Why? Because they are lies!

Who are you listening to? What voices are in your head, chatting away all day? Do you ever stop and question what you hear?

Single statements spoken long ago can still be operating today. Even without you knowing it! That’s why it’s important to examine your inner chatter box. What kind of garbage is floating around? The last thing you need when applying for a job or going for a promotion is mental self-sabotage.

What actions do you want to take but find you’re stuck? Have you considered your thoughts may be holding you back? Are your chatterings based in truth? Are they excuses? Fears? Old lies others told you? Who are you listening to? More importantly, who do you want to listen to?

Challenging your thoughts isn’t as hard as it may seem. Apply HCSCR – Hear, Capture, Study, Challenge, and Refresh. Start by listening. What voices do you hear? What are they saying?

What whispers do you hear? When do you hear them?

Ever hear these? You’re not good enough. You’re a fake. People are on to you. If you succeed you’ll hurt your siblings. If you go for it you’ll lose your friends or end up alone…or fail.

Oh, Really? Says who?

Once you hear them, capture them! Interrupt thoughts long enough to study them. Where did it come from? Who spoke it? Whose voice is it? Have you ever stopped to consider these voices and thoughts may not be accurate? As you study them, challenge them. Are they based in truth? NO!

Whether it was selfishness, lack of knowledge, or carelessness, people that spoke them were out of line. Bottom line!

Look at your part. Just for one minute. You accepted their deposit in your mind, not challenging it at the time. Children trust the adults in their lives. Some things just stick. We’ve all been there!

It may seem unfair that you have to clean up this mess. Focusing on why it happened won’t help. Focusing on what to do about it will. You’re an adult now. You need to own where we are, including your thoughts and thought patterns. You can do this!

Yes, your mind was polluted with trash that now needs to be kicked to the curb. Are you willing to kick some trash? Be your own mental sanitizer? Refresh your thoughts with truth, and get about the business of improving your career? I thought so!

HCSCR your thoughts – Hear, capture, study, challenge and refresh them with truth. Put your chatter box on a cleansing cycle and sterilize your mind. Program it for success!

Here are a few refreshers to get you started: I can succeed. I have what it takes. I will amount to much, and more! I am good enough. I am smart enough. I help others when I succeed because of the example I set. If others don’t like my success, it’s their problem, not mine. I will always have friends. I deserve success!

Says who? Says YOU!

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