It was an honor to judge the Miss Teen Syracuse Pageant the weekend of September 11, 2010. I was impressed with how well the girls presented themselves during each portion of the competition!

The pageant was hosted by Nationals Incorporated. They pride themselves as being a “pageant with purpose.” Winners are selected based on scores from personal interviews, and informal and formal wear. The idea is for girls to be who they are in terms of personality – letting their inner selves shine through.

The competition was spectacular and a great success, with many very talented and confident teens, pre-teens, junior teens, and junior pre-teens participating. The winners will then go on to the Cities of America National Competition in 2011 in Orlando, Florida!

I was particularly impressed with the youngest winner, Miss Pre-Teen Brooke Thompson (pictured). She was confident and self-assured during the interview with a real zest about her. She gave candid straightforward answers to each question and seemed to be enjoying the process itself.

The best part was watching her as her name was called as the winner. Like any beauty queen just feeling honored to be involved, she lurched forward covering her face in shock and disbelief! Then the tears flowed from joy and excitement.

Her parents told me after that this had been a life goal (keep in mind she’s 11), something she’s talked about from the earliest age – to be a pageant winner.

When I asked Brooke what was next, she said, “Miss Universe of course.” I love a girl with goals!

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